Its in The TEARZ 

How it



 Its in The TEARZ 

 Its in You.

Dragon Tearz Makes U



Purely  and  Naturally

The Original Energy Eye Drop Companytm

Creating a new line of energy is hard

but we knew we could to do it!

How It Works

Normally,  when you take an  energy drink,  even coffee,  or tea,  it goes into your stomach, hits your blood stream, through  your heart  and finally stops  anywhere it chooses.  A dragon drop goes  just where it's supposed to.  Use them  just like  ordinary eye drops.  It  will travel the  quickest path  providing a  long lasting  and youthful energy



Just A Drop is all it Takes.  Place 1 to 2 into each eye as needed


All the Effects of your Real Energy without the Calories or Sugar, No Substitutes


Fully Refreshing Liquid Sensation that will help Alleviate dry & irritated eyes


It's only you Elevated to your Full and Gloriously individual Potential

This is What Makes Us Special

When you take an energy product we know you usually eat or drink it. Well we've developed an alternative and added benefits to open and elevate your entire system so that you feel more energy naturally.  We do this by bypassing the stomach, heart, and blood stream. We use the most perfect amount of the highest grade perfoming supplements and extract them just like tea traveling by mucous membranes always covering your eyes and pass along that system so that our dragons go exactly where you need them.   We know it's different.

                   ...  It Works Perfectly

 Try it today

Extracts of +


Green Tea Leaf - Provides fast energy relief, stress relief, muscle strength, and opens airways, and metabolism speed. this leaf has also been used for thousands of years for its countless natural benefits to the body for muscles & nerves


Ginseng - Restores focus, power, and concentration. a natural vasodialater and immune booster. considered the "man" root because of its appearance, but we consider it the "superhuman" root because of its many overall benefits


Taurine  - Triggers confidence, alertness, and astute power. known to give you the extra push before, during, and after take off!


B 12  -  Maintains youth, strength, metabolism, & longevity. considered a vital vitamin for energy storage, production, and maintenance


Eleuthero  - A root considered "siberian ginseng", is beneficial for stamina and drive. It's well known as a close neighbor of ginseng


Glucoronolactone  - Present in everything naturally, fuels your feeling of well being and comfort level and also aids in the production of energy


Spirulina  - Derived from our oldest life form on earth, pro vitamin A, beta Carotene and B Vitamins naturally present, sustains human   aging, and maintains youthful appearance. This deep sea powerhouse provides natural sustanance to just about    everything and happens to be great for our eyes, brain, and spinal tissue


Ginkgo Biloba  - Supports memory, brain function, nervous system, and opticular reception

Our Tea Will Not Dissapoint You


HOW you can USE THEM

First Shake your head like a Rockstar, Jump up and down Three times, and Scream at the top of of your lungs, "Hoooyah!"

...or just use them like ordinary eye drops...when you need a boost!


1. Make sure your eyes are clean. Clean eyes are healthy eyes. Works great before, or after you shower

2. Use a tissue, damp paper towel, wipe, or toilette to remove excess or clean off 

3. Prepare to fully use your new found energy for some serious fun

4. Now go play!




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