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In The Beginning


Our history began with a unique family remedy inspired hundreds of years ago.


A new discovery had taken place using our powerful ancient remedy for tired and irritated eyes.  It was really coincidence.  We knew the effects, but linking the instant relief and youthful energy, had never been done. So we finally asked what might be the mystery behind this. We knew it was something special or unique to say the least, and that's why our research began.

The second effect, a subtle hint of youthfulness, although minute, was critical. This characteristic had not been isolated before. So from our youth, this mission was born. Isolate the benefits and enhance them to simulate our real energy, pure energy, for better life and strength.


To say instantly our drops were magical would be a stretch. But with determination, relentless perseverance, and successful research, our youth has finally replicated and redeveloped a new remedy for your energy that works perfectly, we call it DRAGON TEARZ tm.



the dragon


A Dragon is a Powerful green Monster and our Dragon Drop is this Proprietary & Natural Super formula. Inspired by the mythical beast, our single drop is Powerful, Fast and Effective. With No weakness in Sight... Pun intended! For thousands of years the Dragon has been an Immortal Powerhouse of Energy with the ability to ignite fire at will  


     This majestic creature had only one part that could ever be harnessed by human hands, and so the story goes...


There once was a Meek & Humble Soldier who harnessed the tears of The Last Great dragon. Soon the Exceptional soldier became prince of Eurasia, Then a Great King of the World. The Humble King's prince and princesses became King and Queens, and theirs kings and queens and theirs kings and queens, and theirs king and...  You get the idea!


DRAGON TEARZtm Inspired by the oldest creature of Power will Reignite Life, is All Natural and Amazing. 




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